Homecoming Parade

By Jade Beall

Homecoming week is one of the most exciting times of the year to many. Throughout the week, everyone talks about the rivalry between each grade and who is going to win the spirit stick. There is much to look forward to, such as the parade, the pep rally, the football game, and the homecoming dance.

This year, the parade was especially great. The school wasn’t sure if they’d be able to have it due to rain throughout the week and the day of, but the sky cleared up just in time. There was even a rainbow during the parade! It began at the loop at 6:30 and finished at the high school about an hour later. It was led by the JROTC and Mayor Scott James, a former SAHS teacher. Following them were the homecoming attendants and their escorts. The homecoming floats for each grade were next in line.

First was the freshman float, which was assigned the theme of “America Day.” They put American flags all over a truck and a grill on the back. Instead of throwing the traditional candy, they handed out hot dogs which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. The sophomores were next and created a float around the theme of “throwback.” They chose to go ‘80s with a large Rubik’s Cube, a Pac-Man backdrop, a huge cardboard mixtape, and a boom box playing ‘80s music throughout the parade.  Juniors were third in line and designed a float around the theme of “tourists.” Their float depicted a safari bus which was filled with hay bales and many people wearing stereotypical, floral, tourist shirts. Last came the seniors who had the theme “character day.” Their float was a vibrant city with comic book action bubbles all over, and they dressed up as different superheroes. The senior float came in first place followed by the sophomores in second, the freshmen in third, and the juniors in fourth.

After the floats came the band. The twirler and color guard lead them as they marched to the cadence and played the song “Ex’s and Oh’s” to get everyone excited. Next, was the football team, followed by the cheerleaders, and then the baseball team. Behind them were the dance team and show choir. Concluding the parade were the middle school and the elementary schools. Everyone who participated in and watched the parade had a good time. Every year the homecoming parade is something exciting that the city and school look forward to and always enjoy when it arrives; this year was no exception.