Homecoming Football Game

by Anne Melton

We’ve been anticipating the homecoming game since the beginning of school.  During the week of homecoming, a large number of events hyped up the students for the game. The sea of red, black, and white was too strong for the Vikings to overthrow. The homecoming game was more than we could ever imagine, touchdown after touchdown, and heads bobbing back and forth to see who had the ball.

Throughout the whole game, the Dragons kept the lead.  At the end of the first three quarters, the scores were close: 7-0, 23-14, and 30-27. Within the final quarter, hearts were beating fast, anxiety rose throughout the whole crowd because either team could walk away with the win. In the final moments, St. Albans had 37, and Ripley had 34. With less than two minutes remaining, Ripley called a timeout.  This was their last chance to devise a play to win the game. Hearts were beating even faster than before, and the whistle blew.  The players lined up for their final battle. You could feel the crowd’s anticipation; there was nothing but silence among the crowd. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two . . . The Dragons won!  The crowd’s roar became deafening as the buzzer went off, and the St. Albans Red Dragons and the Ripley Vikings lined up to exchange high fives and handshakes. Fireworks went off in the distance, the perfect backdrop for the perfect game.