Teen Library Board Committee

By Ashlea Simmers Some interesting ideas are stirring around the Teen Library Board Committee; the next event is guaranteed to be a unique, yet great time. On September 18th at 6pm, the Teen Library Board is hosting a Tea Party unlike any other at the Saint Albans Public Library; Instead of formal attire, the committee … Continue reading Teen Library Board Committee


Homecoming Football Game

by Anne Melton We've been anticipating the homecoming game since the beginning of school.  During the week of homecoming, a large number of events hyped up the students for the game. The sea of red, black, and white was too strong for the Vikings to overthrow. The homecoming game was more than we could ever … Continue reading Homecoming Football Game

Homecoming Parade

By Jade Beall Homecoming week is one of the most exciting times of the year to many. Throughout the week, everyone talks about the rivalry between each grade and who is going to win the spirit stick. There is much to look forward to, such as the parade, the pep rally, the football game, and … Continue reading Homecoming Parade